Probably been seen before, but did a search in Google (in IE7 using the search box top right hand corner) and got a tasty new look.

Search results (top half) - click for full pic

Search results (bottom half) - click for full pic

Google "menu" - click for full pic

Search "header" includes options for alternative/related results - click for full pic

Also at the bottom (click for full pic)

Main thoughts:
- clean look (less clutter)
- restructured header/footer (time taken moved to bottom, results moved to left)
- related searches more prominent
- good old web 2.0 fade in the house!!

I was only able to replicate this at work around lunchtime - has anyone had any luck since?

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey use Firefox ;)

  2. Amb Says:

    LOL! Always do (can't live without adblock!!!) but was at work at the time (viewing sharepoint sites suck in FF!) - check out the query in the first pic "wss admin templates demo" not exactly browsing for fun! haha!